Fully Documented Fisheries

The Danish Pelagic Producers Organisation (DPPO) aims to be a frontrunner in technological innovation, sustainability, and research. With our commitment to transparency, credibility, and trust, DPPO has taken the lead in Europe by introducing fleet-wide remote electronic monitoring of all fishing operations. We call it: Fully Documented Fisheries.

Below, we describe the key aspects of the concept, the setup on the vessels, the potentials in science and traceability, and how we have worked with Integrated Monitoring in developing our unique systems.

Kamera 1

Kameraet er placeret højt oppe på agterdækket og filmer bagud fra fartøjet, således at trawlet og fiskepumpen kan ses i billedet, når de er i brug.

I videoklippet ses en kort sekvens af trawlet der bliver trukket op (videoen er optaget i 5x hastighed)

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Kamera 2

Kameraet er placeret over silekassen og filmer ned på den, således at de pumpede fisk kan ses i billedet. På fartøjer med 2 silekasser er der monteret et kamera over hver silekasse.

I videoklippet ses pumpning af blåhvilling, der løber ned af silekassen og herefter ned i RSW tankene (videoen er optaget i 5x hastighed)

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Kamera 3

Kameraet er placeret tæt på røret til landing af fisk, således at udløbet fra røret kan ses tydeligt i billedet.

I videoklippet ses pumperøret med en påmonteret slange, hvor der landes fisk ved kajen. De sorte firkanter i billedet sikrer, at det kun er selve røret og slangen, der vises i billedet (videoen er optaget i 5x hastighed)

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Kamera 4

Kameraet er placeret i prøvetagningsrummet og filmer ned på selve prøvetagningsområdet.

I videoklippet ses en stikprøve af fangsten, som vil blive målt og vejet (videoen er optaget i 5x hastighed)

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DPPO sets a new standard for transparency

With Fully Documented Fisheries DPPO aims to set a new standard for transparency and co-management in pelagic fisheries. By embracing groundbreaking technology, including video, AI, and sensor monitoring, DPPO ensures comprehensive documentation of fishing activities on all vessels. All data is stored in an independent system and is available for national fisheries authorities to control and scrutinise and for the scientific community to explore.
Fully Documented Fisheries aims to not only build trust among stakeholders, but also to generate invaluable data for research, traceability, and consumer awareness.
Arbejde ombord på fartøjet
Arbejde ombord på fartøjet

Promoting sustainability and industry collaboration

At the core of Fully Documented Fisheries is a commitment to sustainability and promoting low-impact pelagic fishing. We recognise the importance of responsible fishing practices and acknowledge that collaboration with authorities, science, and civil society is crucial.
DPPO has taken the proactive step of sharing live data from sensors and cameras with Danish fisheries authorities, as well as other relevant public and private partners. This collaborative approach demonstrates DPPO’s dedication to strengthening how we manage our ecosystems, actively shaping future regulations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the industry, and allowing consumers to make healthy and informed decisions on what they buy and eat.